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Our mission is to help people discover and share stories that matter to them.

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Toortl is a simple story sharing platform where people discover news and articles. It's the easiest way to stay up-to-date by following people from all over the world that are sharing stories that may interest you. And it's free.

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Toortl is a fast and fun way to express yourself by sharing all the stories that matter to you with friends and followers. Add the story's link, comment why the story matter, then post to Toortl. Share to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin too.

A new way to comment

Add your voice to the stories and express your opinion. Toortl has a new way to comment created to favor valuable conversations over empty comments.

A simple story sharing platform.

"Some time ago, we were excited about the idea of creating a place where people discover and share millions of stories that are published every day around the world. A place only focused on stories without other social activities such as photos, groups, gifs, updates, etcetera. Today, we're introducing Toortl. A simple story sharing platform."

Andres Dadone & Marco Dadone
Co-founders of Toortl

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